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Write Your County Supervisor!

Save Rural Loudoun encourages all citizens who want to preserve our rural areas to make their voices heard. It is especially important for the Board of Supervisors to hear from citizens who live in the eastern part of the County.

Model Message to Board of Supervisors.

Here are some quick tips for sending your customized message to the Board of Supervisors:

  1. Identify your supervisors

  2. Find your supervisors’ contact information


  3. Write Your Message


  4. Send!!

Speak Out!


Your input is more compelling when County supervisors can connect your thoughts with a voice and a face! It’s easy to sign up to speak directly to them directly. 

  • Scheduled Public Input Sessions

The Board of Supervisors schedules time for public input during each of their business meetings, which are held in the evening on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.

  • Register in Advance

Call the Board of Supervisors staff at 703-777-0200 to register to speak.


During the Covid crisis, the County has arranged for public input to be provided “virtually,” either by phone or internet video conferencing facilities. 


If you prefer, you may speak in person. The meetings are in the County Government Center, at 1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg. Masks are required!

  • Prepare Your Message

Each speaker is given a maximum of two minutes and this is strictly enforced. Many speakers find this to be a surprisingly short amount of time. 


Make sure to tell the supervisors what you want them to do before your time is up!

  • Say Your Piece!

Don’t be shy. Remember that, in our democracy, we are the “boss” and the supervisors are accountable to us. They want to know what you think!


Engage Your Community!

  • Talk to Neighbors and Friends

Spread the word! Wealthy and influential interests are lobbying the County for more rural development. County supervisors need to hear from the rest of us!

  • Write letters or op-eds in your local newspapers. 

See examples of SRL Op-Eds here.

  • Leverage Community Groups

Make presentations that help to educate other grassroots organizations, such as your community clubs and homeowners’ associations.

  • You can write to both the Chair of the Board of Supervisors (at large) and to your district supervisor. 

  • If you don’t know who your district supervisor is, you can identify her or him through the “Find My Elected Representative” online tool on the County website.

  • The supervisors’ email addresses and phone numbers are listed on the County website here (just click on the portrait of your own supervisor).

  • If you want, you can send your message directly through the County website.

  • Tell them where you live.

  • Tell them why rural Loudoun is important to you.
      -- If you support Save Rural Loudoun, please mention us!

  • Tell them what you want them to do (click here for our suggestions).


If you would like to contribute directly to Save Rural Loudoun’s work and activities, please send us an email. Opportunities include researching issues, writing, participating in meetings with County officials, and interacting with the public at our booths in local fairs, markets and other events.


If you are able, please consider a financial contribution to Save Rural Loudoun. We are in the process of setting up online contributions. In the meantime, you can send a personal check to:


Save Rural Loudoun

Attn: Treasurer

PO Box 2546,

Purcellville, Virginia, 20134.


Save Rural Loudoun's modest expenditures primarily support our public education and awareness efforts, including the production of maps, videos, brochures, signage, and media advertisements. We occasionally appeal to our followers for contributions to special projects.

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P.O.Box 2546, Purcellville VA, 20134

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