Our Mission


We are a non-partisan advocacy alliance striving to build a prosperous farming and agri-tourism economy, preserve rural scenery, historic heritage, and green infrastructure, expand local park and trail networks, and enhance the overall quality of life for all Loudoun County’s citizens.


Our Task

To achieve our Mission, we are actively engaged in:

  • educating local government and the general public on the issues, challenges and potential solutions for preserving rural Loudoun;

  • encouraging citizens to engage in local government processes and decision-making related to rural preservation; and

  • advocating to our city, county and state governments (on a nonpartisan basis) for rapid implementation of concrete and effective strategies, plans and actions that help to avoid over-development and preserve Loudoun’s unique quality of life.


What We Support

Immediate actions, to preserve rural land and other open spaces from residential, commercial and industrial development, ensuring that the land remains available for farming, rural tourism, outdoor recreation, historic preservation, scenic enjoyment, and improvement of water resources and other green infrastructure.


For details, please see our solutions.


Annual Reports and Priorities


Contact Us

Get updated information and join in our discussions on the SRL Facebook page: Save Rural Loudoun

Email us: saveruralloudoun@gmail.com

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